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Politics and Public Administration
POL 128
Joseph Zboralski

E.Miybridge (1877) -moving image of horse J.Marey 1880’s -projected film that had problems W. Dickson -came up with perforated strips of film with things in projector to keep the film locked in place -he looped the film strip over a lamp and magnifying glass -box had a peep hole that you could see the images through -kinetiscope Lumiere Brothers -important figures in early cinema -invented improved projector and camera and able to project better film -in paris -people panicked with the moving train “coming towards” them Thomas Edison -“borrowed” the lumiere brothers technology and premiered it in new york nickelodians – comes from the 5c movies shown in the back of arcades -had short films approx. 20mins in length -Edison signed contracts with movie producers, lumiere br
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