Why Americans Flims dominated and the way of life

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Politics and Public Administration
POL 128
Joseph Zboralski

 Culture imprison o American way of life  Individual rights  Its an American approach  Individual is responsible for themselves  They don’t have health care because thought of government has control over  Free enterprise, Capitalism is a way of American life  Theres a very strong tradition of anti intelligent society, if you’re too smart in America is goes against you.  World is becoming capitism and naturalism o Why is American film is dominating  Advantage of head start (Edison 1900-1920)  World war 1,2  Durning the time film infrastructure in Europe was destroyed  Meaning lots of film industries and and stuideos were gone  This gave Hollywood a head start  Second reason for success is money, and marketing  If u put enough money into marketing in film, even if not good u can still get the money back  3 factor, from the beginning of filming, America had the most domestic market, people with lots of money to spend.  Mthdle class market guarantee that they would spend money  4 factor, American film audience from early on, right from the beginning of the film industry, has been a heterogeneous population, lots of different cultures, American has been the number one place for immigrants  Had to make the film simple, easy, with a base theme, looking nice, and not offensive to any country, example titanic(couple from 2 different classes, ship sinks everyo
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