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Politics and Public Administration
POL 128
Hartt Laurinda

Hot Ice Anglo Phone – someone who speaks English (main language), could be Italian, Serbian etc. Anglo Saxon – from British stock Historifiable – Normative (Norms): Hegemonic, heimlich Ethnographiable - Other, alterity, unheimlich (Anglo bosses, referees look the same) Denotatively - Fence in forum (it seperates the cheap seats from expensive) - Brother-in-law (relies on Richard way too much) - Dick Irvin (“apologizes” to Maurice, mentions how he was harsh) - Barber (encourages Maurice to fight “lost the right to play hockey and talk”, they haven’t won in a long time) - #9 became Richard’s choice for jersey number because of himself (his daughter’s weight) - Richard Riot (fans got upset) Connotatively - Fence in forum (it shows who can afford these seats, managed to get to middle/higher class from Quebec hierarchy, Anglo Saxons, etc.) - brother-in-law (shakes fence, says they don’t like this, speaks
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