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Lecture 8

POL 128 Lecture 8: History of Film Summary

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Politics and Public Administration
POL 128
Hudson Moura

History of film -Photography was invented in the middle of the 19 century -Matthew Grady is famous because he wondered around the United States during the Civil War - From 1861-1865, there were no video cameras. It was all photography and Matthew photographed a bunch of stuff - One of the most famous documentaries is about the civil war that ran for 13 hours. Burns, the director, used the photographs of Matthew Grady and combined actors reading texts of memoirs from the general, letters from soldiers to wives, letters from Lincoln -The Civil war in the U.S is the most devastating war for the United States - 6000 Americans died killing each other - Throughout the 19 century, there was a major technological advance. - The camera and projector was invented - 1) Muybridge (1877); first ever person to create a moving image- he is famous for the sequence of a horse running 2) J.Marey (1882) Photography gun, first actual motion picture -Created a project to show continuous film 3) W.Dickson worked with Thomas Edison and took a perforated roll of film and looped it in a box. This box became to be known as a Kinescope. Edison considered it to be a novelty item. One of the first movies ever shown was shown in a kinescope theatre in 1894. People would pay 10 to 15 cents and came to see films through the kinescope. One of the famous short 30-second film 4) Lumiere Brothers- they were very important because they came up with a much-improved camera, a much-improved projector. The very first movie screening happened in Paris in 1895 using their projector. The nickname for these screening arcades was nickelodeon because it cost a nickel. Theaters had to use Edison projectors and other equipment. Because from production to showings, Edison was involved. He had many patents and this lead to him becoming filthy rich. 5) George Melies – 6) E. Porter- Got involved in the production of movies and because one of the most important film maker in the United States. His most important film was the great train robbery. It was the first real western film. A group of bandits are attacking a speeding train. Porter was the first to dissolve scenes instead of sudden cuts. It adds a better transition to the film, thus making it even better. All the movies that came afterwards became action packed Florence Lawrence became popular from the films. People would ask who is that beautiful woman.
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