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Lecture 6

POL 128 Lecture 6: POL128 – Week 6 (THURSDAY CLASS)

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Politics and Public Administration
POL 128
Joseph Zboralski

POL128 – Week 6 (Thursday Class) Global Box Office - $40B (how much people spent on going to movies Movie industry is dominated by studios – have been bought up by much bigger media corporations Major Movie Film Studios – Convergence Process - Disney (Disney Corporation) o Understood to be the biggest of the media companies because of the revenues coming in o 2014  Revenues - $48.8B o 2016  $55.6B o Disney has been doing really well  revenues gone up substantially o Owns ABC television network - 20 Century Fox o Owned by bigger media company called News Corporation – famous CEO o 2014  $33.7B o Owns fox television - Warner Bros (Time Warner) o Used to be biggest media company o 2014  $29.7B o Example of what has been going on in media business o Was purchased by Time and Corporate – published most famous magazines in the world (Time Magazine ▪ Very successful print media business o It was successful until it was bought out o AOL – had money to burn (very successful) and buys out Time Warner – one of the biggest corporate purchases o Throughout early 2000’s Time Warner does well, however AOL revenues did not do so well o AT&T – telecommunications system decides to buy Time Warner for $85B ▪ American government does not approve of purchase (decision is on hold) o Number of media companies have declined ▪ Raises questions on democracy, competition • Democracy – supposed to have variety of critical questions o Owns CNN - Paramount (Viacom) o Revenue  $13.7B o Owns CBC - Universal (Comcast) o Comcast is a big company  $64.5B o Not the biggest media company because it makes most of the money from non-media subsidiaries ▪ Owns a lot of cable, home security systems o Owns media assets but make most of the money in other areas - Columbia (Sony Corporation) o $66.4B o Bit of a decline – doesn’t keep up with technological changes - MGM o Studio that made Wizard of Oz o Went into bankruptcy o Purchased by private investors o Not owned by large corporate o Privately owned These studios have found ways to make money - Blair Witch Project - Night of the living dead - Or
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