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Lecture 1

POL 128 Lecture 1: Week 1

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Politics and Public Administration
POL 128
Joseph Zboralski

Week 1 General notes With Trump in office, he is trying his utmost to eliminate andor revamp what Obama has set up previously. Meaning health care would be impacted since it might be cut (Obama care). o Funding from schools moved to parents to decide where they want their child to go Concept of Politics Aristotle calls politics the master science since it touches all our lives. Our understanding of the word politics comes from ancient Greece. The root word of politics is polis o A Greek word that means city state or city governance. Modern politics and democracy began in Athens about 2000 years ago. o Athenians believed that politics was very important. It was believed that you were more human by being obligated to it (engaging with people, being involved with the community). You had more empathy (understand peoples problems) rather than avoiding contact with people. It is to show you have commonalities with each other as society o The Greeks believed if someone cuts them self off from society (from people), it is taken as someone whos an animal. The experiment of democratic politics occurred in around 1400 BC. Eventually, Athens was conquered, and the whole concept of democracy was faded until centuries later. Politics can be seen as a decisionmaking mechanism for society. Thats really what it is. o A system of procedures and institutions that make decisions. o Because someone HAS to be in charge. Decisions MUST be made its essential for society. Historically, a group of people or tribes were based on stopping or settling in places where there is an abundance or availability of resources. Once it was gone, its time to pack up and go settle elsewhere. o Decision making was very basic at the time. Because things werent really complicated as they are now i.e. who Is to cook, who is to guard, who is to hunt, who is to build, who is to gather etc o Compare that to decision making in the modern world. Decisions are now more complex i.e. taxes, education, quality control, food supply, health care, education, law etc... The biggest transitional point in human history was 5000 to 6000 years ago.
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