POL 128 week 2

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Politics and Public Administration
POL 128
Laurinda Hartt- Fournier

Monsters Inc Movie genre= animation and narrative a childerns scream produces energy to power city the scene with the childerns sock reinforces the norm that childern are contaminated and toxic exposure one of the norms is wrong ie that childern are toxic seeing the reality there; selly finds very quickly that the child is not a threat but mike takes longer reforming to her as a killing machine ( interpellation is so strong and its hard to change opioions) mike has a problem with one of the ISAS (media) the barcode is on the magazine the logo is covering him on the tv ad we are led to believe that the boss ( spider with multiple eyes) is the RSA but by the end of the film we realize that the actual RSA is CDA (childern detection agency) the constructive nature and the norms represent the toxicity of childern however it is silly to think that the sock of a little child can be so toxic Rous (the lad
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