POL 128 week 3

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Politics and Public Administration
POL 128
Laurinda Hartt- Fournier

The Insider - POL 128 Corporate world, media archatype, sterotype, America as a media force interviewing Hezbollah.... corporate terriorism vs. terror terrorism (hezbollah) the sterotype of the southern bell for the main character's wife main theme can be integrity important the flag-->lebanon the flag is an icon is media automatically poltical? What is the biggest influence?? Media, Corporations, State/Government Tortious Interference * important term every decision that influences our life is based on corporations, oil corporations have a big influence these days..selling oil resources to other corporations its a huge resource that is not ours anymore.. corporations are only interested in making money.. Brownlim was the company who settled the settlement settled for 249 billion.. PR works alongside media articles that are planted and paid for in your media, an article that is an article and one that is more of an ad morale of the insider: how the infomration we get through the media is deplicted, protrayed ?/? your history, your eduation is filtered seperating media into different pools by filtering OWNERSHIP--> think about corporations sheet CBS news vs. CBS corporation brown and wiliamson is going to sue CBS and they would have a huge debt and westing house will not buy CBS because of the huge debt this is evidence of the importance of ownership.. Confidentially agreement non disclosure agreement ==> that guy Jeffrey Wigand is owned in this sense intellectual property => Wigand's resea
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