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Lecture 2

POL 540 Lecture 2: Legacies of Colonialism

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Politics and Public Administration
POL 540
Mitu Sengupta

Legacies of ImperialismColonialism Imperialism: one country dominates another with the aim of controlling and exploiting. Domination can be economic, political, social, culture: empire building Colonialism: Ownership and admin of one territory as if the former were part of the latter Legacies of European Colonialism Economic and demographic transformations Technological transformations Political transformations Cultural transformations What motivated colonial rule? Contest for land Wealth and political control How were so few Europeans able to control and dominate such a vast number of nonEuropeans Separation of groups divide and conquer Bigger gun diplomacy: I have a bigger gun listen to me More technologically advanced Made friends with nobles in order to control lower class workers Idea that we are here to civilize you and taxes King kissing feet= you are no longer in control king was state submitting to others meant that they were superior to the state How was it justified? Bringing civilization, development and advancement on people Economic Transformations Specialization in one or more agricultural commodities Cash crops such as rubber in Belgian Congo. Tea in British India, Groundnuts in British gold coast Done in order to support industrialization in European colonies Cheap imports from Europe hampered or obliterated, industrial development in the colonies Demographic transformations Internal population transfers (to work on tea plantations or mines) International population transfers (indentured labour from India to work on plantations in the Caribbean) Improvements in public health, lowered morality rates, leading to higher population growth rates Cultural transformations
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