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Ryerson University
Politics and Public Administration
POL 607
Joseph Zboralski

Types of Media and Tradition Print (1500’s)  Gave avenue for scientific knowledge  Led to advancement of society  Maps being printed out  Big impact of printing would be rise of Capitals (capitalism) o Allowed to print out contracts & other things  Political impact was rise of democracy o Books were printed, university students learned about philosophy written by any philosophers, other stuff were printed which encouraged democracy  Europeans began to realize that things were not appointed by God because it wasn’t in print Electronic (19 century)  All the electronic form of media had significant impact on politics  Wired telegraph had problems o It didn’t allow communication to be travelled to another place without wires being connected o Didn’t allow any underwater wiring, had lot of disadvantages  Wireless telegraph is the early name for Radio o U can communicate without physical connection o US defense dept. developed it to be able to have communication between onshore office and offshore office (such as a ship)  Films were introduced which also impacted politics o Countries would use film to sell a particular political message o Hitler built a massive movie studio outside and made movie that was Anti-British & Anti- Jewish to encourage German population to have a hatred towards them o Ex. The October revolution in Russia was portrayed in a movie called ‘October’ Digital media  Includes things like computer, internet, social media  It is like a combination of print & electronic  It is widely available and disseminates large amount of information  Some people believe globalization helped countries move out of poverty significantly (ex. China & India)  Some believe globalization has a negative impact on other countries  Ex. of how digital media has an impact on politics o A lot of ppl believe election of 2008 was heavily impacted by social media o Many young people got involved in the campaign through social media o Obamas campaign also involved using social media to grab people’s attention & votes 
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