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Politics and Public Administration
POL 607
Joseph Zboralski

Issues with Environment  Technology causes population growth o Because advanced health care technology, medicine keeps people healthy and living longer o More food access as better & larger quantity of food can be processed much faster  Technology has negative & positive impacts on the environment o Technology causes pollution o But technology also causes less gas consuming cars like hybrid, cleaner plants such as industries nowadays are more environmentally cautious  Environmental problems like climate problems have to be dealt at global level  1 reason we have environmental problems is due to the nature of our economy o Burning of fossil fuel in the last hundred years to achieve prosperity & industrialization  Developing world see how developed nations has achieved prosperity and they also want to pursue the same path to achieve industrialization within their economy and growth in economy  American has military bases in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and other countries because they want to have access to the huge amount of oil available in that region o Basically oil is also one of the thing that drives global policy and activity  Canadians also misuse the energy consumption o We tend to overheat our home during winter team o We overcool our home during summer time when we don’t need to o Avg. Canadians have more per car per family which consumes huge amount of energy  All these can be done because of the decrease in price of consuming energy  Numbers of oil production in 2011 o Daily production of oil from all countries are 84 million/day o Largest single producer is Russia who produces 10.1 million/day then it’s Saudi Arabia and US o Mexico & UK has seen a decline in production along with some other nations  The world consumes approx. 88.1 million/day based on 2011 o The world’s largest consumer is US at 18.8 million/day o Chinas consumption increased significantly from 6.9 million to 9.2 million in about 2-3 years’ time frame o Canada’s consumption has stayed flat o Italy & other nations has seen a decline in consumption  Global import is 44.9 million/day as of recently o US is the largest importer of oil o China is the 2 largest importer o Korea, Italy & other nations have seen its import go down whereas India’s import has gone up since their demand for oil has increased due to their growing economy  Total oil reserves for the world is 1.5 trillion barrels as of recently st o Saudi Arabia has 264 billion barrels – 1 place o Venezuela has 209 billion barrels – 2 place o Canada has 173 billion barrels – 3 place th o Iraq has 103 billion barrels – 5 place  Countries who uses renewable energy for consumption o Denmark gets 34% of energy from ren
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