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Politics and Public Administration
POL 607
Joseph Zboralski

POL607 Lecture 10 Quotes  Richard Rosencrantz – “the notion of the state as a sovereign unit….” o He believes that sovereignty doesn’t exist anymore like it used to  Stanley Hoffman – “The key reality of the post 1945 period is that states play into two arenas, the first is…” o He implies countries operate in a political strategic manner where my win is your loss o The other is the economic one, where the validity of an open economy and governing bodies are discussed Globalization (3 different perspectives)  (Left) There are those who are against it because they believe its damaging world and because its linked to capitalism  (Left) They do see globalization as an exploitation of people, resources and more  Uprising of peasants in Mexico is seen as an uprising against capitalism  When Russia was done with communism, they brought in American advisors who brought in capitalism and it failed miserably putting Russia into economic turmoil  When Canada joins trade deals like NAFTA with America it seen as us being forced into globalization  US congress passes laws that raise tariffs on imported goods, that harms Canadians because we depend enormously on trade wit the US…  By signing Canada could guarantee free trade between borders  There are many anti globalization movements  (Right) Neo – liberal view is that globalization is a good thing and trade between countries creates prosperity and enhances freedoms and spreads democracy  Argument from right is that poor countries now have wealth due to globalization  (Neutral) Globalization can be seen as a long term interdependence among the worlds countries  This process has been going on for centuries  The argument is that in the 20 century the increased political, economic, social communication declined  Since the end of the 2 world war the interaction and global interaction has picked up again  Tech has always been apart of this POL607 Lecture 10  Tech made colonialism possible and its facilitated the integration of the planet today  What’s changed is the speed of technology which has facilitated the interactions of countries In readings, definition of globalization  Some countries and groups of people in countries are more connected to others with regards to globalization  A large percentage of the worlds population hasn’t used a phone  globalization doesn’t impact everyone  more than half the world hasn’t even used a phone  Globalization is seen as an Americanization of the world (which is incorrect)  Liberalism is not an American invention  In addition, American is not spared by the negatives of globalization  there are many Asian companies that own lots of media (Sony) or look at Japanese cars in the US who dominate the market (Honda + Toyota) and American companies suffer or the outsourcing of IT jobs which results in job losses for American. There is also cultural movement in the US (Salsa surpasses ketchup in the US as most used condiment) Aspects of Globalization Political Globalization  In recents years there has been a proliferation of states  Its partly due to fragmentation of other countries  There’s an increase of global institutions and regional organizations (OAS in Latin America)  There’s a variety of non state actors (Amnesty international, Red Cross, Green Peace) that play a role in global politics with globalization  They did not exist without tech/globalization Military Globalization  Proliferation of weapons  Tech has made weapons more available and deadly in smaller form  Weapons of mass destruction can move around Cultural Globalization  Huge exchanges in cultural products (food, film, sports, etc.) Environmental Globalization POL607 Lecture 10  Environment can be seen as most global issue  Global poverty is not a global issue…it’s a concern but not an issue  The environment effects us all and as a result is a global issue  Things like SARS would not have been such an issue in the past as people didn’t move around internationally as oftern and as quickly  Again a technological aspect arises Criminal Globalization  In the old days, crime was limited to a region  Now crime is global and tech allows for it  Its much easier with technology to do money laundering **Economic Globalization (Trade and Finance) Trade  Growing importance of trade to domestic economies  Domestic economies is growing slower than foreign trade  Over time the proportion of a nations exports is growing  Look at your consumer goods and then we can see how much we depend on
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