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Ryerson University
Politics and Public Administration
POL 607
Joseph Zboralski

POL607 Lecture 11 Issues related to the environment and energy  Everything seems to revolve around environmental concerns  Population growth affects environmental concerns through more consumption and pollution and more…  Some of the biggest political issues in the future will surround government  Technology promotes economic expansion and development has its own impacts on environment  Tech contributes to population growth, better health care  people are living longer  Tech has also made food more available allowing us to live longer (green revolution)  Tech has negative and positive impacts on environment: o Cleaner cars, alternative energies VS. Depletion of ozone layer and pollution  Half of human habitants are living comfortable lives  Emerging economies will continue to improve and a few decades down the road, there will be more prosperous people consuming at the same level as developed countries  Even if we start consuming less, the growing number of consumers will increase and overall pollution will not decrease o Example. China didn’t have cars that many years ago, now it’s a problem  The environment is the only issue that transcends boarders; Its impact is global…that’s what makes it distinctive  Nuclear weapons is the only other potential global issue…overpopulation, hunger are important but don’t pertain to entire world  The nature of our economy is based on the burning of fossil fuels. They fueled the industrial revolution thrusting western world into power.  The burning of fossil fuels has a strategic dimension to it; many of recent conflicts have been over accessibility to oil  two gulf wars and wars in Iraq largely over oil  There was even speculation that invading Afghanistan was for oil  Oil is why US stays in many foreign countries  military presence would protect access to oil reserves  Oil even drives foreign policy to a large extent  Not everyone uses the same amount of energy – UK uses 2x the energy per capita as does the developing world – The US has 6% of worlds population but uses 30% of worlds energy POL607 Lecture 11  On a per capita basis, we are worst then Americans but that can be partially blamed on hostile climate  Some believe were on a downward slope on accessibility to petroleum  Many different technologies to get more oil  Parts of the US that used to be off limits to get oil (like national parks) are now being opened to for drilling for additional reserves  The US in not too many years down the road might become self sufficient in oil  That will be negative for us  The CIA has a great website for facts and figures on global issues: o Oil production (2011): Daily production globally is 84 Million barrels per day, largest single producer is Russia with 10.2 million barrels per day, Canada 3.5 Million per day (top 10) o Norway’s oil production has been going down o Oil consumption (2011): The world consumes 88 Million barrels per day – increase from 82 (2004) – Worlds largest consumer is US at 18.8 million – EU is at 13.3 – China at 9.7 o Worlds biggest importer is US, China second, Japan is 3 o Facts on reserves – Canada is up there o There are numbers on renewable energy (energy other than hydro like wind, wave, geothermal etc) o Denmark uses the most renewable energy mostly c
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