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Lecture 3

LECTURE Week 3 - Assessment and Diagnosis of Substance Abuse

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Ryerson University
PSY 215
Kelly Mc Shane

Week 3 Assessment and Diagnosis of Substance AbuseJanuary2312819 AMLecture NotesAlcohol usually contains thealcohol on the bottle Drugs not alcohol do not have this There is no portion size for drugsWe can control quantify standard usage for alcohol but not drugsThe easiest way to get a picture of how much alcohol people have consumed is to ask how muchDefining useThere are many factors that affect alcohol consumption weight food sex time amountetcEven if someone mentions they drank a reasonable amount 20 drinks a month this does not account for binge drinking Does not capture how long and leaves open for misinterpretationOften people who have had too much to drink will not remember how much they hadHow to measure how much you hadCollateral reporterselfrecording may not be as accurate when one is drinking having another sober person recording how much you hadQuantifying drugsPurityWhether you can eat while consuming not always possibleMeasure if its from a pharmacy eg pillsAbuse is a continuum People dont just wake up one day and realize they have a problemThree categories use abuse dependenceUniversal preventionpreventing problems for everyone Select preventionselecting a certain group of people who might be more at risk for some problems BUTits only for the experimentalrecreational usersIndicated preventionsomething about their use INDICATES that we need to jump in
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