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PSY 308
Holly Bowen

June 4 2013 Qualify of measurement Reliability Degree to which independent measurements are consistent • Test retest reliability Same person diff time Low test retest reliability vs high • Inter observer reality Two diff people doing the same test Validity Construct validity - how appropriate is that tool in measuring what you want to Ie using IQ test to measure intelligence is not valid because we are not sure what intelligence is Covergent validity If your iq test doesn't match other iq tests is bad Degree to which the measure agrees with other measures of the same construct Predictive validity Degree to which the measure predicts relevant outcomes Internal validity Extend to which you can draw conclusions about the causal effect that one variable has on another There are two chairs... You can't say that room colour causes effect on concentration be ayes there are other factors the confound is thr chairs External validity Extent to which the measure yields results that generalize to the population/ settings of interest High internal validity generally means low external Experimental studies Allow casual inference (ie A causes B) Independent variable = treatment Dependent variable = response Ind variable. Drug treatment Dep variable drug response headache severity rating Ind variable is the one that leads to a change in another variable In a experiment, the IV is manipulated so that it has at least 2 values The actual value often called levels eg IV = type of drug 3 levels : aspirin, ibuprofen ,placebo Dependent variable What the researcher measures Random assignment is not always ethical and without random assignment you can't say it is a true experiement Iv= gender dv= ability to think Men and women is levels Problem you can't randomly assign people to gender age health status and thus a quasi experiment. Cannot make causal inference Ce Student and day students is levels Independent variable is incentive type 4 levels reward punishment scolding nothing Dependent variable class attendence Pro
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