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Lecture 3

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PSY 654
Benjamin Dyson

Cognitive PsychologyLecture 3 Lesion Studies 1Participant A Phineas GageBeforerailroad worker hold down jobAfterprofane unable to plan Perhaps the damage incurred is responsible for these informal changes we observe However data cant be gathered until after the lesion Association Deficits 2Participant A Cant process written words Cant process spoken worksPerhaps there is some shared underlying damage that is causing both problems Could be issues with the word processing systems in general rather than manipulating one specific spot or area Double Dissociation Deficits 3Participant A Brocas Aphasia4Participant B Wernickes Aphasia Perception Perception is seemingly effortless and works nearly all the time However it is very rare that we merely perceive Rather perception is almost always as active process in which our sensory experiences are built of previous history and prediction Collection of Coffee BeansExample of the influence of bottomup processes in perception Human Face in the Coffee BeansExample of the influence of topdown processes in perception If you expect to see a head you are more likely to find it although you did not perceive it baldy previously Rat vs the Man
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