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PSY 808
Kosha Bramesfeld

Jan 31 2014 Class 4 Issues Values and Principles Vision: What should be? If we are looking at community that is suffering from poverty, violence, etc. We ask, what should an ideal community look like? Context: What is the realistic and actual state of the community, action and qualitative research in combination and quantitative research are used to explain the actual state of the community ie) Percentage of people living in poverty, impact of poverty, food insecurity, employment issue Needs: what is missing and what should be and this helps address the needs Action: what can be done? Work within the constraints of the system as to what changes will occur Assess: Does it work? If we have an intervention, is it helping to improve the community What causes poverty? Lack of affordable housing, deinstitutionalization (releasing mental patients out into the community), lack of any resources Do not place causal blame on the individual as they are manifestations and root causes of the problem. In order to understand root causes, we have to understand that there is no one root cause because this will only deal with one issue and there are other problems as well We have to look at things holistically to see what the problem is and when we are doing interventions we have to be careful that our interventions do not have a bad influence and have unintended consequences  people influence environments and environments influence people What are root causes? - We all have self-determination: we all have the ability to dictate the decisions we make in our lives - We perceive something as being choice while not looking at the structural barriers that may limit the person to do something that they otherwise would have a choice in Fatalism: we see people make bad choices and not care about their decisions when they can sometimes actually be making good decisions that are practical One of the causes our poor structures may lead to lower self-regulation which can lead to lower or worse life decis
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