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Tonya Davidson

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SSH Class Notes #4 Ethnography: if you are going to breach a guideline it must be worth it and there must be a minimal amount of harm inflicted --> Writing about culture, text written about culture; encompass a lot of different strategies --> Key methods are interviewing and observation --> no staging of things --> understood to be valid because ethnographers spend a large amount of time in the field they are studying --> idiographic --> try to get an inside of view of who they are studying and try to understand how people are making sense of their own cultures Stanely Milgram: why do seemingly normal people evil things -> How pain works as a motivator for his research study (he made participants inflict electric shock on actors that pretended to be in pain) Zimbardo: how social roles impacted peoples behavior -> participants came to school and divided them into jail guards and prisoners Ethnographic Origins Martineau: first female sociologist, wrote How to observe morals and manners, she stresses that ethnographers are radically distinct from tourists. We assume that because we are people, we understand things about people and feel like we know about other people especially in different cultures -> we need to understand that understanding people needs r
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