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Class 8 Qualitative & Quantitative Analysis

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Social Sciences and Humanities
SSH 301
Tonya Davidson

SSH Content Analysis 2 Class 10 - essay is 5-6 pages - double spaced APA style - sampling frame: criteria that need to met to be included in the study ie) interviewing: include population of who can be include din this study - need to justify your choice, why is this a good sampling frame? - needs to be feasible (doable); specific - why you chose that specific media piece? - do #6 multiple times - what are themes you see when you are interpreting your work. Begin to do some semiotic research, analyze cultural signs and what is being signified? - can use formal resources - tell findings in the first paragraph. Research question, a thesis statement, outline your essay (roadmap for readers that is straightforward) In this essay I argue ___. I will demonstrate this by first _____, and looking at 3 big ideas from my analysis. - can use "i" but is formal essay - include subheadings Qual Content Analysis - use content analysis to answer similar questions but use different techniques - begins with open coding: read something and develop codes and then take notes on everything - uses semiotics to make sense of how meaning is produced or discourse analysis Quan Content Analysis -coders not taking a lot of notes. Give something 1- 3 codes - one or two things would be able to be told about something Coding schedule: text, file into which you enter all numerical values Coding manual: coding for different type of people in a commercial, there will be a list of all different possible people with numbers beside them - it needs to be exhaustive and needs to include mutually exclusive categories or else there will be errors in analysis. The people developing the coding need to be familiar with material with the study the researcher is undertaking Using Extant Data non reactivity: if people being photographed they did not know they would be analyzed or letters written were not written in the intention of being analyzed later on John Scott (1990) - quality and useful of secondary data for ideas • Authenticity: is author of letter who you think it is? Are photographs original? Sometimes requires forensic and archival work • Credibility: do contents express true feelings of author? Personal documents of public figures we need to think about the fact that people writing it does not know that it will be analyzed in the future because the it might become biased • Representativeness: the politics of archives. It asks are these images/documents representative of population we are studying? Archives are political (historie
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