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Lecture 6

Week 6 Lecture Guide

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Ryerson University
SOC 202
Nicole Neverson

Week 5 Pleasure, markets, and consuming Conclusion of video – RiP! A Remix Manifesto (2009); we will take a very quick 5 minute break after the documentary. Advertising: the magic system (Williams, 1982) - interested in preindustrial revolution - how consumption practices changed before and after industrial revolution - the changes in advertising and consumption from rural to urban (living in cities more/depending on services) - what changed in people’s social practices Economics are only part of the story  Critique of vulgar Marxism • vulgar marxism: perspective that views social relations in purely economic terms • vulgar marxism has to do with defining us, classifying us in only economic terms (what we own/what we’re worth) wanted to look at the people’s relationship with their money, how they spend it and their consumption • practices  Change in relationship between consumers and advertisers - we have a relationship to the mode of production - allows us to own money & spend it in certain ways - * the relationship went from pure(basic needs) to less pure/tainted - looks at advertising system as “magic system” - our relationship with advertisers is non pure because its’not based on pure needs. it used to be pure. - accumulation of material assets was more important than anything else. ex: now its not about having one basic soap to buy, its about having a range of soaps to buy. its not about the exchange of money for goods. its about more than that. its just soap. it will do the same job. ‘The magic system’ - can go beyond - discusses relationship between advertisers and consumers THE MAGIC SYSTEM  Ideal culture (involves democracy) culture can be accessible to EVERYONE but citizens & consumers should be able to have a • choice.  The audience = made up of consumersAND citizens • we can be both things The magic system relies on media systems. There are three types of media systems: 1) Authoritarian media system (ruling group is all powerful) 1 • interests of ruling groups are transmitted to subordinate groups • ruling groups get to decide what the content is, who will get contact to it, and where it will be displayed • difference of opinion is not allowed. oppositional view points get in the way • not an ideal cultural or media system  Ex. China, Russia, Cuba, and Syria ex: did facebook destroy this? 2) Paternal media system (cultural identity must be preserved) • measures taken to guide and protect culture rather than exert absolute power over the people  Guidance and protection • who gets to decide how much money to spend on the Juno’s • do regular people care about these award shows? do they want their tax dollars wasted?  Ex: Canadian commercial substitution laws set up to protect canadian culture and business’s • • ex: programming you watch that is american in origin • ex: if an american show is being broadcast at the same time as the american show, we will still see canadian commercials. Like, watching grey’s anatomy on abc or ctv on thursday nights. if you watch on abc, you will still see canadian commercials. Another example: we don’t get to see all of the Superbowl commercials that america sees. The • same program is being broadcast at the same time, therefore we will only see canadian commercials because of this law. • protection from alleged outside threat 3) Commercial media system (The U.S., and Rhyme Pays) • are those where the diversity of choice is most possible • he was an idealist, so he thinks the ideal in this sys
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