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SOC 202
Nicole Neverson

Week 12 Celebrity Culture We will have a brief discussion on celebrity culture, then you will have the opportunity to fill out the course evaluation (please bring a pencil), then we will watch a documentary. Encoding Process: involves how its prodced, behind the scenes, editors, camera people. Paris Hilton Ink: gossip industry, infotainment. Think about the documentary represents the celebrity, gossip news industry. The way they are FRAMED: through looking through the eyes of Paris Hilton’s career began and continues. Celebrity Culture ‘infotainment’ or ‘pseudo news: lacks credibility’ It’s information and entertainment Psudeo: pretending to be something, news pretending to let us know that this is important, front page, taken up by the regular reports that d more hard core news The ‘televised circus’ and the ‘circus freak show’ (Hoppenstand, 2007) Mass mediated circus. The circus does not require a lot of brain power to understand. Lowest common denominator, an audience where material programs You don’t need to be an intellectual to understand, or to appeal to you. The assumptions: people are spoon-fed interpretations of things. Circus freak show: sometimes freaks have weak social capital. But celebrities have strong social capital, they do know a lot of people, they have networks. And we want to renounce, reject those celebrities. Celebrities are ranked: one way for freaks have low social capital, we devalue them Think about A-List B-List C-List. 1 Weak because the people they know may not have value in our society. Celebrity culture is trivial? Yes it is. The freak show is largely unpredictable, we don’t know whats next. Part of the fun of watching it, where will his next breakdown be ? (Justin B.) Pleasure from the unscripted events in this culture. Freaks in traditional circus: bearded lady, wow that’s just weird. Watc
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