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Section 2: New Media & Society

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Ryerson University
SOC 202
Graeme Metcalf

Section 2 New MediaSocietyHow does mainstream news worky Media is vital able to infiltrate different y News is inescapable influential ideological topics Ideological laissezfaire invisible common sense we tend to watch without any thought into where it came from y Two schools of thought into how media is governed1 Left Wing PoliticsLiberal open to different ways of doing things separation of church and state tend to favour higher taxes for things such as universal healthcare which is in favour of the peopleRegard media as engaging in propaganda and censorship objectionable ideology2 Right Wing Politics Conservative privatization rigid control does not recognize the objectionable ideologies recognized by left wing media sees media as being contributor to fractured morality It is up to u to engage in critical labour rather than having the news telling us what to think or believesomeone has to be lying the Toronto Star tells you one thing while the GlobeMail tells you anotherCritical Reading A SEMIOTICS y Form f looking engaging deconstruction y The difference between looking and seeing y Concept applies to all sorts of textsart TV music
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