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SOC 202
Nicole Neverson

92509Pop Cult Lecture 3Krystle KongNext Fridayterm assignment expectationsPopular Culture Interpretation1culture as folk culturecreated by the people2culture as mass culturemediated to large audiences3culture as mass consumptionwhat we buy listen to and eat etc4culture as the everydaywhat we doHistorical OverviewHegemony Gramsci 1981 We are not brainwashed by the dominant ideology We are not passive We do not make choices without questioning it first does not just willingly give inControl involves acceptance and consent1Force2Use of ideology in major civil institutionsensure the way they interpret the world exists in religions institutions family educations government organizationsif you are bombarded constantly about the same ideologies repetitivelyyou eventually stop trying to protest against it and inevitably accept the idea or become dominated by dominant groups Example defining the popular as what makes profit this is an ideological viewworks in a way to limit tell us what is normal what doesnt belong Hegemony in this case is that although we could make a list of what is offered to us its very rare for us to complain to the media and say hey youre not offering a particular service that we wantwhen we dont contest we accept it were okay with the status quoin many ways you could argue that education is becoming a productlike servicehegemonic view most of us dont necessarily object to it we might not like how some programs require x courses and so forth but because the credentials are needed you dont complain Dominance is evident in some way and because we dont contest we are accepting or consenting to the particular influence or dominance Interpellation Althusser 1971 The process that occurs when cultural texts call out to our emotions identities and make connections with us What cultural texts do to uswhat we do to cultural textConditioningtrying to create certain subjects certain ways of being trainingsuggestsrecommends how we should behave what we should like what we should take interest in consumercultural interestsExample your favourite television show or cultural product
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