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Shangara Flora English Culminating Overview: I chose to do spoken word poetry for my English culminating. The title of what I’ve created is Whistleblowin’. Whistleblower is a term defined as an informant who exposes wrongdoing within an organization in the hope of stopping it. During my presentation, you’ll notice that I take the role of a whistleblower, speaking out on the many issues that trouble our society today and for this reason, Whistleblowin’ was the given name. This spoken word is in respects to the perspectives of the many characters in each of the texts. Although their personalities may differ, they all share the commonality of struggle and the lack of empowerment. Feminism, Social Hierarchy, Corporation Greed and God/the playing of God are all common themes connecting these texts that I have tried to incorporate in this spoken word. Whistleblowin’ By Shangara Flora Though the pressure's hard to take, there’s only one path, it’s the only way I can escape, It seems a heavy choice to make, You can try and try, But you can never relate Ophelia being sexually exploited by her own lover (Shakespeare), Oryx being sexually used by many others (Atwood), Past or the Present Females are always the ones who have to struggle In Never let me go Corporation’s tryna cover, THE TRUTH Kathy, Tommy and Ruth….used as clones to donate their rubber (Romanek) Couldn’t imagine if you were a mother Given birth, everything happening so fast, like a track runner From washing money to hookers on the make There's always a scandal, someone's body part for the take They payoff for secrets, sell plans to a spy When you ask for the truth….. They say it's a lie Control is a common topic for the dystopia in which we live Shangara Flora Never let me go, Hamlet, Oryx and Crake they all give No act of rebellion by the majority, These texts universe is one with conformity Genetic engineering is the future It could create the perfect race But is that what we want? To create a life-force That could us exterminate (Atwood) Introducing corporate cruelty (Romanek) We’re their puppets, were their slaves Crake’s expertise proficiency Ha, will surely dig our graves The thought of it all is so very tempting Will biologists resist? When he becomes the creator the question remains will he let us exist? So what mirror are you looking out off, could it be the front one marked future? Hope you enjoy your journey, cuz its going to be cloudy one, THINGS have changed for the WORST, so should i be looking ahead with glee? Maybe if there were brighter skies i wouldn’t mind it nope please… When shit goes wrong in the world, Every character in these texts and I wonder, Where’s is he to help you breath No matter what you think you may believe he’s a myth; used for the purpose to deceive so what do you do? You get up and hit the road Stop waiting for godot if you stay you will have nothing more than grief (Beckett) This social chaos that's causing us pain this foul disease, it's they who are to blame Society cries when the vermin go free when they're done, what's left for me? Analysis Shangara Flora Lines 1-5: The pressures of not being able to fight are difficult to embody. Feeling as though you have no rights is depriving of your character. This one path to escape refers to compliance and simply giving into the corruption because the “one person difference” doesn’t seem to exist. People have the notion that if there’s one path it must be the right one, but having this path be the one that ultimately everyone has to follow was a direction I wanted to head towards. Lines 6-9: Looking through the texts, I noticed that feminism was displayed. Wasn’t the main focus, but in almost any era, man has always ruled and the rights of women have always been shunned. Ophelia is sexually exploited by Hamlet and Oryx is used as a tool for money by Uncle En. One of the many issues that still remain in today’s world, but not as great as in the past. Lines 10-13: In general, when a corporation makes a major mistake, they try very hard to hide it from the public. Summing up the movie, line 13 described the three friends, with the rest of the society, being grown to donate their organs. Many organizations still take advantage of cheap labour for money supplement. Lines 16-20: This excerpt continues the discussion of corporation greed and how uncommon questions (that may potentially make the government look below par) to upper management will be avoided and they will continue to “beat around
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