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SOC 202 Lecture Notes - Victoria Park Collegiate Institute, Afc Asian Cup

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SOC 202
Louis Pike

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WESTERN ESSAY (250 words max)
The one thing I believe people would be shocked to know about me is my passion for poetry.
Instinctively, people do not connect the idea of poetry with an athlete of a competitive nature.
People perceive athletes as disciplined, competitive, persevering individuals that are mentally
tough. People do not correlate these characteristics with those that write poetry and are artistic,
sensitive and profound. Balance between both lifestyles is important to developing self-control
and a positive attitude.
A poem, in its entirety, is a way one expresses their views on the universe, life and emotion.
To me, poetry is an outlet to express my ideas and experiences to others. To transfer emotion
from the writer to the paper and then to the reader is not an easy task. Poetry, and like many
other forms of writing, needs inspiration. Ideas are endless as we try to capture the world around
us in poetry. Our imagination is one thing that can set us apart from other people. We all possess
a unique view of everything we see and hear and to put it down on paper in a way that makes
people laugh or cry makes it all worthwhile.
Poetry allows me to be sensitive as well as empathetic and approachable. It expands my
vocabulary and limbers up the imagination. I believe that much of the violence in our society is
due to poetry deprivation. Poetry is the beauty of words and like acting is an art-form that has
made me who I am today.
ACTIVITY 1 (500 words max)
Victoria Park Collegiate Institute brought back their rugby team in Sept. 2010-present. Ever
since this started I have been Captain.There aren't any physical requirements to be a captain as it
has no correlation with setting a strong example. To demonstrate intelligence, toughness,
determination, and vision, there are no physical barriers. True leaders are distinguished by
motivation, empathy and self-regulation. At first, I didn't know about the sport. It was the
determination of trying something new that put me in my position. I play on the badminton team,
basketball team, previously on the soccer team, and baseball team, so I am a team-oriented figure
and I was really anxious to pursue another challenge. I was always the hardest worker on the
team. I gauged myself against the efforts of my peers. This success lead to being named as team
captain. As a leader by example I was named leader by position. In my first year of playing
rugby, I received MVP (Most Valuable Player) for 7's and MIP (Most Improved Player) for 15's.
Being a leader takes discipline and I welcome challenges and look forward to the toughest
competitions as tests for myself. I wasn't exactly a born leader. After a few years of playing
sports, I started developing skills that would alter my life forever and become part of my very
identity. I never knew at the time but I was practicing more than just skills and drills on the field
and on the mats. I was learning how to work hard, how to be disciplined and how to persevere. I
can bring skills such as confidence, ambition, aggressiveness and poise into the business world. I
feel as though I have an advantage as I have grown tremendously over the last 4 years and look
forward to continue on this path to success.
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