SOC 503 Lecture Notes - Friedrich Engels, Exogamy, Incest

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26 Nov 2012
Moral entrepreneur
o someone who makes a living telling society that it’s falling apart because it’s taking an
immoral direction
o Seize on the fact that society falling apart due to immoral path
The Cleaver Model
o Traditional nuclear family(Refers to old sitcom)
Husband who worked, wife stayed at home doing housework looking after kids
First & Only marriage for both
Incest Taboo
o Forbids sexual relations or marriage between certain people of the kinship network
Kinship organization/network = aunt’s uncles , grandparents, cousins etc.
o Traces decent through mothers line
o Aboriginal people, first nations people in America, located in Arizona and New Mexico
Matrilineal Navajo
o Say that sexual relations with any of the mother’s relatives is forbidden
o Trace decent through both mother and father
Incest taboo is on both sides
o Brother/sister marriage is permitted.
o Civilization permited brother/sister marraiges, especially in leading family - intended to
keep the family pure
Keep royal line pure
o Brother/sister marriage permitted, wanted to keep royal lineage
Friedrich Engels
o Wrote a book> ‘origins of the family’
o Says origin of the family arose out of higher class men who wanted to transmit their
property to their sons
o Family concentrates wealth and reproduces/creates a class structure for generations to
o People marry within their group
o People marry ouside their group
Euro Canadians
o Many are intermarried.
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