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Class 3 Marxist Model of Media

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SOC 525
Jennifer Brayton

Soc 525 Class 3 Lecture Notes  Umberto Eco was the first to take an interest in pop culture specifically James Bond of whom we expect to see pleasurable scenes and don’t expect variation in the narrative like him dying or ending up being homosexual instead of heterosexual  we expect morals (democracy vs. freedom, evil vs. good conflict, what the outcome is going to be); we are always anticipating what will happen in the story  narrative comprehension (know what to expect from a narrative) Memento: Leonard and Teddy Credits  reverse photograph 1) shooting in reverse Leonard killing Teddy 2) Black and white hotel room narrator speaking (Leonard) 3) Leonard and Teddy meet and go into building  Leonard is suffering from amnesia and is trying to find who killed his wife but the entire movie is being told backwards where he kills Teddy because he was the killer Marxist Model of media Owner (All power with the elite) Product (material and ideological) Mass Audience (one large group of massive audience who are passive and accept ideological messages that we can interpret)  does not look at diversity Economic Determinism Capitalism: Economic system we currently live in. It is a recent system in history. Consumerism: in capitalism says we should be spending on things that we want from our earnings and also shape our identities. It’s not what we do as people, it’s what we buy that shape our identities. It makes us feel like we should constantly be engaging in mass media and spend it on mainstream items. The rise of a centralized area of leisure acvities like meeting with friends and window shopping in malls. We are supposed to be consuming what will give us value in status of society, no matter which socioecomic status we come from, we are encouraged to look like we are above our statuses and are preferable in society  it is very specific forms of consumption not general Those who own these large companies that are seen as mainstream reinforce the ideas of capitalism and consumerism Cabaret “Money”: Money makes the world go around : Capitalism having money is having status, power Karl Marx : was looking at people with power in economic society have the power to create this ruling systems  They are also said to have intellectual power  These dominant ideas are nothing more than power relations Capitalist Ideologies 1) We will attend the same or better class standing than our parents (Ideology of upward mobility) 2) Hard work will be rewarded with social and economic success (Ideology of meritocracy) 3) We tend to view ourselves as living in middle class, regardless
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