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Class 10 Intro to Queer Theory

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SOC 525
Jennifer Brayton

SOC525 Class 10 Intro to Queer Theory Sexual Orientation: product of society: conspiracy theory; gay conspiracy ie) teaching is going to turn kids gay - product of biology: orientation is biologically imbedded Gay Rights Movement - fear of difference is relevant to older siblings and people in older generations - new acceptance and tolerance is a result of a politicized gay right movements that rose in the 60’s - the 60’s was a generation of change and social activism and disobedience ie) civil rights, black power movement, continuation of feminism and primary movement was gay rights movement Most found is the StoneWall Rights which is where gay liberation happened where there was a demand for equality access, opportunity (not more), and treating people the same. It was politicized and violent and as a result the equality of homophobia is less tolerant amongst society MEMORIZE THE DATES FOR GAY RIGHTS MOVEMENT Homophobia: physical violence or passive form where we use slurs like gay or fag without thinking about using them or their meaning. The dread of close personal interaction with people thought of to be something other than heterosexual - APA has addressed the possibility that homophobia is an illness where sexuality is not the problem but homophobia is but this is a problem because it excuses and ignores the structures and systematic structures in place that promote and construct homophobia Functionalism: structures that permits and creates assemblance of harmony ie) recognize role of public education, family, government, taxes that provide us with harmony that allows us to move through. You recognize that structures have good components and bad components to them; they benefit us all but at the same time there are certain policies work to exclude and focus on difference instead of similarity Social-conflict: Passive: not using derogatory language and directly saying one orientation is better than the other but saying that one sexuality is better than the other by passive means ie) giving children the idea that gay couples are not right because they are not officially stamped from the government as a couple as opposed to heterosexual groups who are seen amongst children as right. Recognizing that there is a problem with these structures Queer Theory: addresses perspective of biases amongst queer groups and being seen as others instead of heterosexual individuals. Queer used to be used as a descriptive term for something that one thought to be weird and strange and then was reclaimed to
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