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Lecture 6

SOC 603 week 6

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SOC 603
Pamela Sugiman

Part three : racialized feminities White forms of gender are racialized as normal and superior Sojourner truth was a women famous for saying Ain't I a woman 1851 speech to womens right convention, Akron, Ohio Racialized feminities Pyle and Johnson's "Asian American Women and Racialized Feminities " (Read articles) Second generation Asian American women (Korean and Vietnamese origins,, aged 18-34) How do they do femininity in Asian ethic and mainstream white worlds? Hegemonic and subordinated femininities ( dominate) Controlling images What are some controlling images of racialized women? Black women- aggressive , in control Asian women- submissive, obidient Middle eastern - oppressed submissive Black women is on the side Controlling images Black matriarch: overly aggressive, domineering, unfeminine Imagery blamed black women for emasculation of black men, low marriage rates and poverty Asia. Lotus blossom: passive, weak, quiet, submissive, dutiful, sexually acscessible, erotic, hyper feminine Obscures internal variation of Asian American feminity Internalized racism Deep within us ... They believe the sterotypes themselves Template by which women make meaning of thier everyday lives Ex of internalized racism.. Skin lighteners, eyelid, permanent makeup Denigration of Asian feminitity/ glorification of white femininity Distance from compliant ( Asian) femininity Asian ethnic feminity as artificial Pretended to be traditional Asians when talking to relatives or going back home to Korea or Vietnam White feminity was the real feminitity W
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