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SOC 603
Pamela Sugiman

Soc 603 oct 28 Gendered bodies lecture outline 1. The embodied self 2. Body as a sociological issue 3. The gendered body in sport 4.The gendered body in popular culture 5.Body as site of personal and political struggles 1. Meaning of body The embodied self: body as a symbol of the self 'Face' to the world: a visually orientated culture Images and symbols are really important ie fb profile photo Photos are manipulated to make u look s certain way Body conciousness: the ability to reside comfortably in ones body and to consider ones body as connected to onself 2. "The we eat, how we dress, a d the daily rituals to which we attend is a medium of culture " (Bordo) Gender differences in ones relationship to the body: the body is st the heart of cultural constructions of feminity and masculinity Body as locus of social control (bordo, 84) Conceptualizing the gendered body: self as subject and object Subject Our unique indentities, communicated to the world; textured and with substance Object A thing to be probed, ridiculed, judged Need to examine the process of objectification and the objectifiers Also who is making the objectification Hegemonic feminity and masculinity Robert Connell (1990) Hegemonic masculinity and feminity: celebrated or legitimated cultural ideals Hyper-feminity and masculinity Keeps gender order in tact 3. Boys and men can prove themselves in world of sport: the agentic object ( can be powerful, achieved, accomplished in sports) Institutional reinforcements Signing sons in soccer and hockey Interpersonal rewar
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