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Soc 603 week 12

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SOC 603
Pamela Sugiman

Soc Monday Lecture outline Romantic love Romantic love too as a social historical construct Its meaning has changed overtime 3 key developments: Link between love and marriage: love as a precondition Seperation of love and sex Romantic partner as a personal choice( with variations) ---in wealthy families the family helps choose as we'll as certain families middle eastern etc Personal choice is mostly for middle class Part two Mate selection: sexual double standards Persistence of 'traditional scripts' Man as initiator: conquest theme Interesting case is Couger bar Men buys first drink ans then girl buys all next drinks Women as object of attention( reactors ) Woman's ambivalent weapon of refusal (rejection) Often he can't tell if she doesn't want a sexual relationship maybe she's just being coy Mate selection traditionally embedded in 'separate spheres' : Mother, housekeeper, sexual partner, companion/ provider Today: limited, but notable changes In old ages she would choose someone that she is not only attracted to but also similar social class and bring home money While man wanted someone who can bear childern, have sex with raise childern Men's preferences : attractiveness and financial viability Looking for women who can have some financial independence decree her own income Womens preferences: Most important is thier emotional support ( communicate , support personality ) Warmth and intimacy More important than body and attractiveness financially stable Social influences on 'mate selection'
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