kins 140 Lecture 3 Prof Arnold

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Simon Fraser University
Biomedical Physio & Kines
BPK 140
Anne- Kristina Arnold

kins140 lecture 3see assignment 1Learning Objectives1Evaluate sources of health information for credibility and describe the characteristics of credible health information2Explain the components of the scientific method 4State the limitations of human experiments andsuggest alternative solutions Explain how epidemiology works 5Pinpoint the weakness of epidemiological evidence6Identify whether a particular example represents experimental epidemiological clinical or anecdotal evidenceThe credibility of health claimshow do you decide what to believeif you read something what would make it more or less believable to youHealth information is confusingWhere to start evidencethis is a science coursescientist are trained to look at the evidence when evaluating health claimsthere are several types of evidence some better than others1Experimental evidenceathe preferred type of scientific evidencehypothesesexperimental groupcontrol groupindividual variabilityrandom sample from populationrandom assignment to control or exp groupstatistical significanceproblems with experimentstime long latent periodEthics animals tissue cultures skin cells computer models2Epidemiological evidenceepiepidemic demopeopleepidemiology study of the distributiondeterminants of a condition in a populationit is scientific evidence but not as high quality as experimental evidencelike medical detective work
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