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Lecture 7

Kins 140 Lecture 7 Prof Arnold

Biomedical Physio & Kines
Course Code
BPK 140
Anne- Kristina Arnold

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lecture 7 Cancer
1. Describe trend in incidence and mortality for the major cancers in Canada and
suggest explanations for these trends
2. Explain how cancer develops
3. Discuss the characteristics, methods of detection and treatment for the different
types of cancer discussed
4. Identify warning signs and symptoms of cancer
5. Describe treatment options for cancer
6. Discuss lifestyle factors that can help reduce risk of cancer
what is cancer?
-can cause problem in other tissue as they migrate system
-tumor=a mass of tissue that serves no purpose, a mass of cell that grew too early
-benign tumor: non cancerous
-malignant tumor: cancerous, can invade surrounding tissues.
-cancer begins as changes in a cell that alow it to grow and divide when it should not.
-mutations are changes in the DNA of the cell.
-Metastasis: a process in which cancer cell spread to other parts of the body
-is cancer’s most deadly attribute, harder to treat as cell travels
-2nd leading cause in deaths!!!
-spontaneous errors
-external agent (UV light)
-TSG: tumor suppressing gene: suppresses tumors (natural genetics)
Mitogen: increases growth of tumors, promotes cancer. (estrogen)
What causes cancer?
-Risk for cancer-Lifestyle
-smoking (contains mutagens that can dmg genes)
-poor nutrition/ lack of exercise
-things that may suppress the immune system,
-Biological Factors:
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