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Pulmonay Structure and Function --Fill in the blanks style lecture notes with occasional extras about what was especailly important to remember and some further explanations.

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Biomedical Physio & Kines
BPK 142
Paul Lee

1PULMONARY STRUCTURE AND FUNCTIONAnatomy of the Respiratory SystemI Respiratory system consists of nose pharynx larynx trachea bronchi and lungsBronchiprimary secondary and tertiary bronchiterminal and respiratory bronchiolesalveolar ductsalveoliWith branching supportive cartilage is gradually replaced by smooth muscle smoothContraction and relaxation of thismuscle constricts or dilates the bronchiolesmajor effects on airway resistanceThe conducting airways lead inspired air to the alveoliVolume of conducting airwaysanatomic dead space Vapproximately 150 ml for the average DadultAlveolismall thin walled sacs that have capillary beds in their walls site of gas molecule O2 and CO2 exchange between air and blood there are millions of alveoli Respiratory membranealveolarcapillary membranes that separate the air molecules in the alveoli from the blood in the capillaries The respiratory membrane has a very large surface area70 square meters in the normal adultsize of tennis courtLungscontain conducting airways alveoli blood vessels elastic tissueII Mechanics of BreathingMolecules move from areas of high
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