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Biomedical Physio & Kines
BPK 201
Tony Leyland

Kinesiology 201 Biomechanics Fall 2012 On-Campus Day INSTRUCTOR: Tony Leyland OFFICE: K8638 E-MAIL: [email protected] PHONE: (778) 782-4338 COURSE WEBSITE: FAX: (778) 782-3040 OFFICE HOURS: Monday & Wednesday 9-10 am (Monday 5:30-6 pm by appointment) Students are welcome to meet me outside of office hours but I can make no guarantee that I am available. In Kin 143 there is always some time after labs to ask questions. Tuesdays and Thursdays when I am on campus for meetings or seminars are also possibilities. Appointments are preferred as I work from home some days . Course Prerequisites: KIN 142; PHYS 101 (or 120 or 125 or 140); MATH 151 or 154; MATH 152 or 155 (may be taken concurrently). Course Description This course will cover the application of basic mechanics to human movement. It will provide students with the basic understanding of how forces act on body segments and how movements are produced. The subject matter in this course is relevant to quantifying all forms of physical activity from activities of daily living, physically challenged movement patterns, to, elite athletic performance. It also has applications in medical settings, including rehabilitation and sports medicine. Course Objectives The course objectives are to give students a good working knowledge of the application of Newtonian mechanics to human movement and to help students realise the importance of developing a quantifiable understanding of the mechanical response of human physiological systems. • Students will be taught the mechanical properties of human structure and function. • Students will be taught to analyses human movement from a biomechanical perspective. • Students will be taught both qualitative and quantitative analysis techniques and the advantages and disadvantages of such analyses. • Students will be taught how biomechanical knowledge can be effective in ergonomics, exercise, rehabilitation programs and coaching sports activities. Course Web Page Page 1 of 4 Lecture Schedule Lectures: Monday 4:30–5:20 pm & Wednesday 4:30–6:20 pm AQ3149 The course does not follow the text in an exact linear progrMany concepts introduced in chapters 8 through 11 were taught in Phys101 and we will start with the application of these concepts to the human bThe reading sequence below gives you a very rough suggested progression of readings, and you may have to jump ahead on occasions. You are responsible for reading the text and learning the material. Tutorial time is available for you to ask questions about these chapters. Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Chapter 1 8 9 10 11 2 3 4 7 Only some sections of chapter 7 will be helpful and those page numbers will be provided in the PowerPoint slides. Copies of power point slides used in lectures and numerous biomechanical problems with solutions will be available via the website: . Dates Lecture Topics COURSE BUSINESS. Introduction. Qualitative versus quantitative Sep-5 analysis. Introduction to problem solving. Mechanical Systems: Free Body Diagrams. No Tutorials Week #1 Sep-10 Anthropometry for Biomechanical Modelling. Linear Kinematics: Data Sep-12 Acquisition. Gait Analysis. Sep-17 Linear Kinematics: Vectors/scalars, displacement, velocity & Sep-19 acceleration. Differentiation & integration. Sep-24 Linear Kinematics: Airborne motion (projectiles). Sep-26 Angular Kinematics: Measurement of angles. --- October 1 Midterm Exam #1 (50 minutes) --- Oct-1 Angular Kinematics: Angular displacement, velocity & acceleration . Oct-3 Relationship between athular and linear kinematics. Oct-8 October 8 Thanksgiving -- No lecture Oct-10 Linear Kinetics: Mass, force. Newton’s laws. Contact and non-contact forces. Impulse, momentum. Linear Kinetics: Impact, energy and power. Oct-15 Angular Kinetics: Review of torque, rotational equivalents of Newton’s Oct-17 Laws. Oct-22 Angular Kinetics: Centre of mass. Levers. Stability. Static and Dynamic Oct-24 analysis. Angular concepts in power and energy. Internal (Tissue and Segmental) Mechanics th --- October 29 Midterm Exam #2 (50 minutes) --- Oct-29 Skeletal Mechanics. Injury mechanisms (acute and chronic) Oct-31 Ligament injuries, how long to recoverBiomechanics of articulations and connective tissue . Page 2 of 4 Statutory holiday in lieu of Remembrance Day -- No lecture Nov-12 Muscle mechanics . Length-tension, force-velocity
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