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BUS 237 Lecture Notes - Database Application, Query Language, Management System

Business Administration
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BUS 237
Kamal Masri

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What is content?
Property of an industry (information property)
Intellectual property= creative endeavour protected through trademarks, patents, etc.
Database management systems
People (employees) used to upload whatever they want. Now there is a specific channel:
Content management systems
Organize documents for websites, seek out documents located across an organization.
What's the purpose of a database? To keep track of things!
What's in a database?
What is a database? "a self-describing collection of integrated records."
Collumns= fields
Rows= records
Similar rows or records=table/file
Thus a database is a collection of tables, the relationships within the rows in the tables, and special data
(metadata) which describes the structure of the database.
Key=top left box in a table
Column or group of columns that identifies a unique row in a table
Every table must have a key
Foreign keys= keys of a different table that are not the keys in the present table.
Developers use it to create tables relationships and structures of the database
Standard query language (SQL)
Language for processing database
DBMS administers by setting up firewalls, passwords, etc.
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