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Lecture 4

BUS 237 Lecture 4: 237 Lecture 4

Business Administration
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BUS 237

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Lecture 4
Hardware and Software
(at their most basic level,) a computer...
o accepts input (raw data)
o process data
o produce output (information)
form factor size
local area network (LAN)
o linking many personal computers together
o shared access to data, printers, and other devices
wide area network (WAN)
o email
o internet
o web browsing
hardware consists of electronic components used to input, process, output, and store data
basic hardware categories:
o input
o processing
o output
o storage
motherboard (mainboard)
o circuitry that provides the means to connect various computer
binary digits (bits)
o used to represent data with either a one or a zero
o bits grouped into 8-bit chunks (which represent one character)
CPU (central processing unit)
o transfers program or data from disk to main memory
moves instructions from main memory via data channel/bus
main memory (RAM)
o contains program instructions
o contains operating system (OS) instructions
random access memory (RAM)
o volatile
o working memory
read only memory (ROM)
o non-volatile
o used to "boot-up" machine
fixed disk drives (mechanical hard drives)
o capacity is measured in bytes
solid state hard drives (SSD)
o uses flash memory for storage purposes
there are two types of flash memory:
o flash memory device (ex. USB)
o flash memory card (ex. SD card)
compact disks (CD)
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