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Lecture 3

BUS 303 Lecture 3: Bus 303 lecture 3

Business Administration
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BUS 303
Kathleen Burke

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Tuesday, January 19, y
Lecture 3
Bus 303
How each of them are responsible for Dua death?
-The lover: didn't give Dua change for the ferry
-The homeless person: who lives under the bridge …
-Satu: didn't spend a lot of time with Dua
-Captain: didn’t give Dua a free pass on the ferry
-The old friend: the old friend was unreachable
-the old friend and the captain aren't as responsible
1. Dua is the most responsible because she was the one cheating. All her decisions
and actions were decided upon herself
2. The lover - you should be helping Dua knowing her situation
3. Satu some lack of communication
4. old friend might have not known the situation
5. captain - simply doing his job,
Role morality - tendency to adopt different moral standards in different situations (e.g.
personal and professional)
-Gioia’s experiences as Ford’s Field Recall Coordinator
-Scripts - a type of schema referring to a routine response for a specific situations
-Simplify complex situation
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Tuesday, January 19, y
-e.g. scripts for approaching a customer, being interviewed, attending class,
engaging colleagues
-Gioa nots that scripts “typically include no ethical components…” (388)
-Dennis Gioia’s “Pinto Fires and Personal Ethics”
-Factors Gioa’s moral disengagement
-Competitive environment
-Market forces - “we vs. them” ;
-them - government regulators ; we - ford
-accelerated Pinto design and production - rushed to market , make sure trunk is
roomy and is a small car ; accelerated design
-workload and work pace of safety recall coordinator
-very difficult to step aside to reflect on actions , since very high workload
-emotional detachment was the norm
-the use of prototype scripts against which everything else is evaluated
How does it affect you? and scripts affect you
-Scripts can be very valuable in that they create efficiencies and reliability, but they
also narrow our vision and spare us from thinking
-you cant afford to fall asleep - morally asleep .. because then it means that you are
disengaging …
-when have you used a script?
-Gioa speaks of “script development,” “script revision,” and “script breaking.” How do
these suggestions address ethics?
-How do we break the script and still keep our job?
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