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BUEC 232 Fall 2012 Data and Decisions I Lorene Linklater Lecture 2 – Measures of Central Tendency Example 1 For each of the following examples indicate whether or not the attribute is a numerical or categorical variable. Entity Attribute Type of Variable Can of Coke Amount of Coke in the can Households Number of computers People’s ideas Favourite type of music SFU students Amount of money spent on coffee each day Example 2 For each of the following variables answer the following questions.  Is it continuous or discrete? Does it have a minimum value? If yes, what is the minimum value?   Does it have a maximum value? If yes, what is the maximum value? Discrete or Minimum Maximum Variable Continuous Value Value W = the number of customers arriving at a check-in counter per hour X = the number of times a coin is tossed until the first head Y = the amount of rain that falls in Vancouver in a month Z = the amount of money spent on groceries per week Example 3 For each of the following, determine whether the group is a sample or a population. (a) The participants in a study of new diabetes drug. (b) The drivers who received a speeding ticket last month on Highway 1 between the Port Mann Bridge and the Second Narrows Bridge. (c) The final marks in BUEC 232 for all the students last semester. Example 4 In order to keep costs down, a company wishes to examine the amount of money its sales force spends entertaining clients. The following is a random sample of eight entertainment expenses (dinner costs for 4 people) from expense reports submitted by members of the sales force. $258 $232 $209 $245 $225 $239 $442 $268
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