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Business Administration
BUS 237
Kamal Masri

CHAPTER 1 Bus 237 Introduction to computers and Management Information Systems Lecture 1 Foundations of Information TechnologyFUNDAMENTALS System group of components that interact to achieve some purposeAn information system ISgroup of components that interact to produce information o 5 fundamental components of computerbased information systems are computuer hardware software data procedures and peopleo Ex Using computer to write a report hardward computer keyboard etcsoftwar worddata wordssentence paraprocedures start program printpeople me o Software refer only to programs or applicationscomputer components that were not hardware ex Programs proceduresuser manuals bak theny IS isnt just computerbased information systemex CalendersWhat is MISMISManagement Information Systems o An IS that helps development and use of IS to help businesses achieve goals objectives o Key terms 3 elementsDevelopment and useInformation systems Business goals and objectivesDevelopment and use of information systemsIt is not enough to say you need an IS How you plan to acquire it and use it is important Youll need to Understand how they are created and costTake an active rolein that systems development in order to insure that system will meet your and your users needs Determine how to best use the system Take into account other functions necessary to keep the system runningProtecting the securitymay have to backup data from losing important info RecoveryAchieving business goals and objectives
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