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Business Administration
BUS 322
Maureen Fizzell

Chapter 9 Financial Asset  Cash  Equity instrument of another entity  Contractual right o To receive cash of other financial asset o To exchange financial asset/liabilities with another party in favour of the entity Investment Models Cost/Amortized Cost FV-NI FV-OCI At acquisition Cost Fair Value Fair Value + transaction + transaction At Reporting date Cost/Amortized Cost Fair Value Fair Value Unrealized Gain/Loss N/A NI OCI Realized Gain/Loss NI NI Recycling: NI Not Recycling: RE Equity Method The investor recognizes investment income as the investee earns income by debiting Investment account (A) and crediting Investment income (SE). When cash is received, cash is debited and investment account is credited. Any payment in excess of (or less than) the investor’s share of book value:  If caused by long-lived assets: amortize  Un
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