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Lecture 2

CMNS 221 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Eiffel Tower, Consumerism, Old Media

Course Code
CMNS 221
Martin Laba

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Currents & Controversies
Techno-fetishism, techno-obsession, techno-promise
Life in the fast lane digital culture and the accelerated pace of change
Cultures of impatience + distraction
Consumerism the omnivore
Meaning in popular culture
Popular culture and imagining social change
Course objectives
Enhancement, expansion, elaboration of understandings of the media
Bridging the theoretical/critical and the applied/practical
Research approaches and perspectives in the analysis of new and emerging
media and communication
Understanding communication as a foundation for social change
All tech is an extension of human capacity
Consumerism: Dream Worlds and Reality Checks
Consumerism is seen as a culture
Can popular culture is democratizing bringing us all into a common culture
accessing information giving us an idea of the world around us
Popular culture breaking the monopoly of power
Eiffel tower emergence of new central pleasures of consumerism
o Evidence of the fact that central pleasure and distractions triumph
over intellectual capacity to reflect and analyze
o Not having the capacity to pause, engage, and reflect, because we need
distraction we are always in touch social media
Old media is no longer relevant in its content to pace yet there is a triumph
over engagement and reflection
Department store in consumerism complex domestication of the traditional
market (people often negotiate prices in certain parts of the world)
Domestication in the market place in verbal exchange
To kill the thought of bargaining they created a transcendent of architecture
to create an experience in department stores: Holt, Nordstrom, etc.
Emergence and ideology of of consumerism
Tourism paper topic
Commercial application of cinema benefitted tourism as well
All inclusive: we take care of you vision to exotic place without dealing with
Williams: historical view of decisive conjunction of imaginative desires with
material ones
Notion of consumer seen as extension of basic human nature
Materialistic values become crucial in modern day society
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