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CMNS 221 Lecture Notes

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CMNS 221
Martin Laba

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Week 1 January 9, 2007
If you cant see the river in the raindrop, then you are blind
-there is not merit to high theory unless it has practice
-communication disciplines
*On Saturdays, read the Globe and Mail
-Take a stand, have a perspective, have an opinion! Must be able to argue your position whether you agree or
-critical thinking skills = critical practice
-the consumer itself is omnomerous
- market place seems to diminish our capacity to redeem ourselves
-university is good for citizenship
- To engage in public interest
-Watch the film Wag the Dog
-High consumerism is somewhat of a drug
- Marx: religion was the opius of
-used this to control masses
- What constitutes a good life?
- having a boyfriend (vice versa)? Cell phone? Nice car?
- Images of splendor vs. a good life?
- idealized view
- Advertising things that ‘we cannot have
WATCH: Blade Runner film
Week 2 January 16, 2007
Nothing more important than the health and wellbeing of a democratic society
Ethics: we struggle to redeem dimensions in the media market zone
We must contrast very compelling images/ad images of good life (generally delivered in sexy riveting images of
consumerous fantasy: eg. Cars, boyfriends, perfect lives, etc.)
LA city represented as polluted, architectural, etc.
-logos were everywhere
-filled with smoke and trash
- rain, steem,
-filled with darkness
-overall, a horrible environment
Technology has redefined what it is like to be human
-go see children of men
Try to understand what media presents to us: a good life or what is perceived as one
There is a relationship between our engagements, marketing system, society, etc that is bringing, killing our system: eg.
Hunger, HIV and AIDS, suffer, political re-pressure, etc.
Knowledge in communications and media: act and be aware of these things and to act on it!
* look up George Orwell (read 1984)
Architecture of government
-fascism is appalling rising sense of a complete government sense
CMNS 221 Media and Audiences

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consumerism as we know it way of life
-we dont think much about it
-not a moment where we are not marketed to, advertised to
-pitch and promotion is everywhere, relentless
history is the map of the future
-know where things come from to know where things are going to
Where are we now?
-firefly: fun glowing phone, that is fun from kids point of view keep it fun
activate your firefly today at Rogers
How it that cell phones is marketed to 6 year olds?
-why should we be marketing to children/kids?
Why is consumerism so deeply engraved into our lives?
-Ideology of consumerism to the extent that we are marketing to six year olds
- do children have the capacity to make an aquired decision?
- cultural fear: children are going to call when they are being murdered, etc
- setting up for next generation of consumerism culture
- are they targeted to parents? yes, danger everywhere
-what we take for granted
Do we live in a culture of fear?
-culture of anxiety
-things are marketed to fulfill it
-consumerism rised up from ___
Rise of Industrialism
-period of an enormous problem
-example of
-configuration and consumerism in relation to very important issues that we must understand
Why are we looking at historical view?
-to gain a perspective to see where we are now
- mass consumption, which technology enabled (eg. Henry ford assembly line)
-find ‘Charlie chaplin modern times’
Social change
-educated public = dangerous public, to those who want to control
- repressive regimes, around the world, the moment they take over: they always aim for universities. They are
dangerous places, where there are ideas, knowledge, learning, questioning.
*Neilpostman amusing ourselves to death
Books are not dangerous anymore, because everyone is too busy anyway (eg. Shopping, workaholic, etc)
Who else burned books?
-Hitler books were burned
-Knowledge is dangerous
- Mass deception? Is it to deceive people?
-sporting events (eg. Canucks, sight lines? Nowhere you look without promotion)
- emergence of a new sensual feeling/pleasure of consumption
- we want to be distracted and that is all we want
- domesticated
- the idea that consumerism at its perception, is about commoting in our hearts and minds in a sense of transcending in
our every day world
- how can we escape it? By buying things.
CMNS 221 Media and Audiences

Only pages 1-3 are available for preview. Some parts have been intentionally blurred.

Week 3 January 23, 2007
Sex in the Media
-is that a problem?
-Too much of it?
-not enough sex’
Quality of the News
-gone down
-all this advertising crap
What is advertising besides…
- making vital choices in products, in our very busy lives
Consumer and Consumerism
-DRU Jonathan, good advertiser
-Disruption from expectations
-Eg. Absolute Vodka
- Made into brand, rebranded it
-Consumer as rational, is this a premise? No. we cannot just accept this idea of advertising products to make
choices from great information because our lives are very busy’
-It is irrelevant
The idea of Mass production itself, is _______
Virtual technology - "Technology is the knack of so arranging the world so that we don't actually have to experience it"
"The production of too many useful things results in too man useless people" Karl Marx
-how is it that well educated people believe in devils, etc ?
-the world, laws, the planet, etc MUST be scientifically explained. Have we lost spirituality?
-our obligation is to be able to redefine our own citizenship by impact
-how has technology changed our very understanding of technology?
Floyd: ** In fact, technology in this sense, is our way to approach become Godlike
Mcluhan **Communication Media are extensions of Man
-we have built such technology, rather than _________ we have extended _____
-Is there social policy to guide applications?
-Access to technology? Who has access? Who doesnt?
-Technology has replaced us. Foundation knowledge is scarce and now rare
-Younger generations are living in a perpetual present tense
-Information from computer work is not retained because people use it when needed = lack of sustained
-The next generation, the great sampler (king tubby),
-Our technical systems are intelligent, BUT our people are not.
CMNS 221 Media and Audiences
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