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COGS 100 Week 8 Lec 1

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Simon Fraser University
Cognitive Science
COGS 100
Radoslava Trnavac

COGS 100 Week 8 Lecture 1 Review for midterm Midterm: 5 multiple choice, 12 written What disciplines form Cog Sci? This course emphasis on cog psychology Neuroscience, computer science, psychology, education, philosophy, linguistics What was Chomsky's linguistic model? How does it impact theory of mind? Language is recursive, perform algorithms to transform sentences, born with innate grammatical rules Explained creation of unheard of sentences Skinner - stimulus and response is how we learn language and meaning Why did Tolman postulate cog maps? Rat and maze experiments Explain hypothesis of task analysis? Also subsistence. What is? Break a large task into simpler tasks (same with systems) Modarity of mind - mind is broken up into different modules, have own locations and functions, didn't talk much to rest of brain - motor skills Fodor: higher cog skills not modular, but other things are Central processing, integration of info from many sources Describe a Turing machine. How illustrates symbolic mental architecture? Infinitely long input tape (machine table), which is both input and rules, machine head, ability to perform operations, has set of symbols Applies algorithms to arrive at output Universal - can perform any process of any specialized Turing machine, can decode other symbol patterns What is an algorithm? Systematic process, set of finite steps to move from a defined input to an output
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