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Lecture 3

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Cognitive Science
COGS 100
Mark Blair

Attention – Lecture 3 Quiz hints: - 3-5 sentences per question - Do not reword lecture Attention: - All sensory info. receive same cognitive stuff - Ex. Ball pass (video)  distraction; count number of passes  demonstrate selective attention (did not see gorilla) - ** CHANGE DETECTION - something changes (office) – shirt/different person (slide) • Expectation it should stay the same (movies) - EX. Flicker paradigm – what changes (slide) – 2 images (something disappear) • Focal point • Don’t have a good memory for what we just saw (our visual memory = not so good) = encode the primary stuff - Ex. Building gradual appearance (slide) - Visual system don’t process everything - Real-world change example (directions) video Selective Attention - Dividable – 2/more things at a time - Can shift - People overestimate that they could multitask – - Cognitive system needs to be fast, efficient - Saccades – moving – blurry therefore change blindness - Paper dragon illusion – move head = head seem to follow you despite it being 1D • Give wrong cues = we misinterpret its shape, we think it’s nose is pointing toward us, but it is concave • We think we know how something looks like and should be (experience) Lecture 4 - Automaticity
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