COGS 100 Lecture Notes - Turing Machine, Theory-Theory, Universal Turing Machine

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10-12 questions
Turing Machine
Chapter 1 & all course notes
Main questions & lots of detailing
Turing machine
Calculable machine
Gives result to a given input
Functions -> Computable -> Turing Computable
Qi (instruction), Si (seeing) , A(what to do), Q(which state to go
Long tape of set instructions.
Turing’s results:
There exists universal Turing Machines
There are incomputable functions. Ex: g (x)=fx (x)+1
Concept of computability Turing computable
“Everything computable is also Turing computable.”
Familiar with the workings of Turing machines
If the function is not defined then the machine won’t stop.
In Turing’s time, a Universal Turing machine was simply a list of
quadruples. Today it’s a laptop for example.
Relationship between Church’s theories.
Mind is a Universal Turing Machine. “The mind is a computer a
software, that can run a multiple amount of instructions.”
Physical universe is a machine.
Descartes anatomy of mechanical physician. Human beings cannot
be explained mechanically
If the brain is like a computer then there are two levels: neurons and
such and then an abstract level (functions that are being calculated)
Input -> Output = function
Functionalism: position within the PHIL of the mind (The mind is what
the brain does; the function of the brain) The mind is a software;
multitude of programs.
Describe the mind on an abstract level, not a concrete level.
What level does the mind occupy?
The function is the mind
The brain represents things as the computer does.
Shannon information theory theory of information.
Miller to talk about information and memory.
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