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Simon Fraser University
CMNS 110
Roman Onufrijchuk

CMNS 110 Introduction to Communication Studies Office K9650 604-773-5237 [email protected] Sept 5 Due Week 4 - Survey assignment Part I: Critique of document in readings (essay by Katherine Miller) Part II: 100-150 word biographical statement about myself as if it was to be read by someone sympathetic to me to speak in public Both parts to hand into TA, Part II emailed to Roman No tutorials on midterm week (week 7) What is communication? Etymology: munirate root word for communication is giftgiving (munificent, generous) Communication is the articulation of relationships it is before and after everything else Communication is o Ontogenic onto (ta onta) things Ontology = science of reality Communication is ontogenic it produces human reality o Ontomorphic Communication is ontomorphic it shapes reality o Ontoeconomic Communication is ontoeconomic it manages reality Radical o Latin: radix (root ,base, fundamental component) o The radical of communication is relation Communication is not a state, it is a process. It has 2 qualities. It is: o Transitive it moves, its dynamic o Transformational it changes All communication is mediated it takes place via media Can there be pure unmediated communication? Language, gesture, clothing, etc. is all a medium Anything humans have touch, selected, or done is a medium it is articulated Every act of communication is automatically an act of interpretation Communication is the ultimate generalist discipline Media are never neutral every time you communicate or use a medium, that medium conditions the nature of the messages and the way they can be interpreted Every medium enables you to do some things and doesnt enable you to do some others e.g. telephone deprived of the corporal self Hierarchy, force power The study of communication is the origin of all the other sciences that we have the study of effective expression and the listening and observing of others _____________________________________________________________________________________________
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