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Lecture 12

CMNS 110 Lecture 12: Reading - Castells, M - “The Culture of Real Virtuality"

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Simon Fraser University
CMNS 110
Daniel Ahadi

The Culture of Real Virtuality Author(s): Castells, M. Reading note ________________________________________________________________________________ The main purpose of this article is the author tried to demonstrate the new culture of real virtuality where the content is significant and our culture is mediated and enacted through communication. The key question that the author is what is the culture of real virtuality? How is the culture of real virtuality related connected to the content now? What has real virtuality done to audience and interactive with others? The most important information in this article is the author uses historical background of how media started, diagram, scholars example, quotation from Postman, evaluation of media research, other scholars research and ideas, real life example, TV shows, wellknows magazine and also statistic of data to support his argument. The main conclusions in this article are media is easier to use throughout time, and media is more transferable, more flexible. Media is also a connection which contain a virtual space to draw peoples attention. When media become our reality, we are in a big trouble because we are so into it that we cannot even get out of that virtual space. We are not living, interacting, talking, communication with human anymore. We consume all the information online if we need to. It is important for us to see how the idea of media constructed happen in our society. The key concept(s): Information superhighway: all the science fiction ideology and commercial hype surrounding the emergence and we can hardly underestimate its significance. Typography: has the strongest possible bias towards exposition, a sophisticated ability to think conceptually, deductively and sequentially, a high valuation of reason and order, an abhorrence of contradiction, a large capacity for detachment and objectivity, a tolerance for delayed response. 3 basic ways where medias audiences have been seem as active: through individual interpretation of media products, through collective interpretation of media and through collective political action.
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