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CMNS 110 Lecture Notes (Week 1&2)

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CMNS 110
Jean Herbert

Week 1 - "Media are things that communicate" (medium = singular) - definitions of a medium: storage and transmission channels (Wikipedia); a channel or place through which a message can be transmitted 1. Theatre - Eugene Ionesco: French playwright, had interesting ideas on communication (ie. dystopic communication in The Chairs, characters speak but don't understand) - "It's as if I were detached from the world...watching it as a spectacle I can't quite understand." 2. Music - Jazz - improvisational, similar to dialogue because dialogue is improv - feelings are communicated - visual art can be a medium too Everything is a medium! - importance of media studies is to learn the techniques to decode what these media are saying Week 2 Communication Studies in Context: Models, Methods and Meanings Communication Models: - Part 1:Action, Transaction, transmission, and Ritual Models - Part 2: Mediated Communication - Part 3: what does communication carry? Truth or ideas? Part 1: - how does info get transmitted? - do people always receive the same message as the one the sender intended? - can we, as communicators, do things that will guarantee the success of our efforts at communication? - efficiency, success, fidelity - difference between process and content Action Model: - monological model: one-way movement of information from a sender to one or more receivers, linear Interaction Model: - two-step flow model: mass media pushes out information, opinion leaders digest the information and disperse it to their followers - interaction model: participants are both the send and receiver and provide feedback to one another Transactional Model: - cyclical model of senders and receivers: information transfer, information reception, feedback, response, and so on - we say we "conduct" a conversation, but really we fall into one or become involved in it Transmission/Ritual Models: - transmission: moving messages from a sender through a medium to a receiver - ritual/cultural: construction of a shared space or map of meaning within which people coexist Part 2: Mediated Communication - intrapersonal, int
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