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CMNS 130
Kathleen Cross

Media – plural; Medium – singular Communicaton – the interchange of thoughts, opinions, or information by speech, writing, or signs Media – the means of communication, as radio, television, newspapers, and magazines that influence people widely Mass – large group of people who don’t know each other, but all exposed to consuming the same material (ex. People who come together to make movie (they do diff. things but all aim towards same goal) MASS SOCIETY = MASS MEDIA = MASS COMUNICATION Network communication Is this a new era? What does it mean for society? How do we analyze this? Why study the media? (from Ott and Mack) They are everywhere (ubiquitous) Have become the very basis of our cultural environment Are the primary way we know and experience the world Mass media theory What is theory? - “there is nothing in the world more powerful than an idea. No weapon can destroy it; no power can conquer it, except the power of another idea.” – Albert Einstein, physicist, 1879~1955 - purpose of theory – explain, comprehend, and interpret
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